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If you have reached this page you are most probably interested in the Amiga and its world. This page is to present an international mailing list where almost 300 people are already subscribed and discussing all its aspects, from hardware to software, from the past to the future.

You can come and discuss anything within these limits on the list. Don't be afraid to ask seemingly simple questions. This list is meant to help EVERYONE, not just the experts. However, before asking a question, I recommend you look through the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section first, as this saves time for everyone concerned.

The list is not moderated in any way. However we have a "list owner", Nick Waterman, who keeps things going the best way possible by managing the technical stuff and trying to eliminate any spamming.

Just few rules have to be respected so that everyone can fully enjoy the discussions without being in any way disturbed or annoyed by others.

  1. Don't post messages to the list as soon as you subscribe. It is good manners to `lurk' for a few days, getting to know the list, and making sure your topic isn't already under discussion.
  2. Don't post `send me a copy' messages to the list, send them to the person concerned.
  3. When replying, please consider if it _really_ needed to go to the list, or if it could just be sent to the questioner. This helps keep irrelevant material from reaching a lot of people.
  4. Don't give advice unless you are sure it is correct. If you are unsure of a point, say so. It is often better to not answer at all unless you can give a reasonably definitive answer to any query.
  5. Keep any discussion relevant to the Amiga or topics of general interest to Amiga users please. There have been several instances of a topic that has no relevance to the Amiga blowing up between 3 or 4 people that is of no possible interest to the majority.
  6. Don't repeatedly ask questions if you don't get an answer. The probability is that no one knows the answer.
  7. Please keep use English as the language of all posts to the list. The majority of subscribers use English as their main language. If your English is not as good as it could be, please try and get someone who is good at English to check your posts first.
  8. Don't quote large parts of a message and only add a few lines of your own. Keep what is necessary to identify the discussion and no more please.
  9. If your question of simple, please check the FAQ first, as the probability is you will get sent several copies of it anyway.
  10. Keep you .sig (Signatures) short and clean please.

Don't let this discourage you though, there are a lot of friendly, helpful subscribers to the list who will be happy to help anyone with their problems.

So, if you agree with all the above, read on how to subscribe.


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